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 AN AUCTION can be your immediate financial  solution!   

 Auctions are a complete service for you! Auctions create an advanced marketing program  that increases interest in and awareness of your real estate and personal property. 

 As a skilled marketing specialist, today's auctioneer can offer the seller or executor a complete sales service.  This includes an experienced auction team (auctioneers, clerks, cashiers and ring personnel), as well as, P.A. system, tents, loading equipment, portable restrooms, signs and concession service.

The auctioneer's knowledge of advertising guarantees that the auction is effectively promoted and the auction team takes on the responsibility of preparing the merchandise for auction day by cleaning and grouping it according to the seller's wishes.  

The auctioneer will even handle necessary painting and repairs to make the property more marketable. A well-run public auction is a quick, efficient means of converting your valuable property into cash.

If you're settling an estate, dissolving a partnership or liquidating assets, trust Bray Auction Services, LLC to coordinate an auction for you! 

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Bray Auction Services, LLC.  We are your auction specialists!

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